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Data Collection Software

JBluIce-EPICS package with graphical user interface is used for automated beam and goniometer alignment, for energy changes, MAD scans and for diffraction data collection. The easiest way to get acquainted with JBluIce is to watch JBluIce video guides. Then, JBluIce is largely covered in the Beamline Operations Manual for Users and the latest changes can be found in the latest software/hardware changes document.

Manual and semi-automated procedures can be performed with EPICS tools such as MEDM screens, StripTool and various automation scripts. Most of relevant EPICS tools are available via the Beamline Controls Toolbar, which can be accessed either from the JBluIce Tools menu, or by opening a terminal window and typing 23i, 23o, or 23b for the 23ID-D, 23ID-B or 23BM beamline respectively, or by pressing the icon on the computer desktop (the color may vary per beamline).

Crystallographic Software

For data processing, a number of commonly available packages are installed, configured and ready to be used. The major programs and their calling instructions are listed here. Some programs are unsupported and some with a limited support depending on the expertise of your host with particular package.

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