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Experimental Hutches

All three experimental hutches will contain following:

Attenuator battery to achieve beam attenuation from 0 to 100%. It consists of Al and Hg attenuators of varying thicknesses (16 total).

Goniometers currently have single axis, based on airbearing system. It allows very fast rotation for sample centering and small Sphere of Confusion for small sample crystals.

Hybrid visualization system, combining on-axis and off-axis cameras, allows robust and speedy centering, as well as beam visualization and sample monitoring during the experiment. Total maximum magnification of the system is 32

Beamstops are 1mm, 1.5mm or 2 mm in diameter. They can be placed from 30 to 109 mm from the sample with motorized and computer controlled motion.

Area detectors are used for crystallographic data collection:

- beamline 23-ID-B is equipped with Dectris Eiger-16m (18,139,650 pixels, 311.2 x 327.8 mm2 sensitive area and 75 μm pixel size)
- beamline 23-ID-D is equipped with Dectris Pilatus3-6m (6,224,001 pixels, 423.6x434.6 mm2 sensitive area and 172 μm pixel size)
- beamline 23-BM is equipped with Rayonix MARmosaic 300 (67,108,864 pixels, 300x300 mm2 sensitive area and 73 μm pixel size)

Detector support is decoupled from the goniometer and allows the sample-to-detector distance of 70-3000 mm and 2θ angle from 0o to 45o, depending on the distance

Microscopes are provided in the wet lab, cold room and for on-line sample freezing in the experimental hutches

Cryojets are used for sample cryo-cooling

Energy Dispersive Detector (Ketek) is provided for MAD experiemnts. Its distance from the sample is variable

Sample exchange robotics (ALS/Berkeley style) is implemented

GM/CA @ APS is an Office of Science User Facility operated for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory

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