HKL2000/HKL3000 - program suites usage information

The HKL2000/HKL3000 suites of programs are provided at the GM/CA beamlines on the basis of scientific collaboration. The HKL2000/HKL3000 development is supported by the NIH grant *GM-53163* to the laboratories of Prof. Zbyszek Otwinowski (Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas) and Prof. Wladek Minor (University of Virginia).

*Programs included in the HKL2000/HKL3000 suites*

DENZO_3D - Auto-indexing, refinement and integration
XDISPLAYF - Image display and measurement
SCALEPACK - Data scaling
STRAT - Strategy and simulation
HKLINT - Graphical Command Center


The use of the software package should be referenced in publication as follows:
Z. Otwinowski and W. Minor "Processing of X-ray Diffraction Data Collected in Oscillation Mode", Methods in Enzymology, Volume 276: Macromolecular Crystallography, part A, p. 307-326, 1997, C.W. Carter, Jr. and R.M. Sweet, Eds., Academic Press.

*User Information*

Experimenters who perform non-commercial research may freely use the program for data evaluation and processing while collecting data at the beamline. These experimenters can also obtain a temporary, free of charge, license to (re)process data collected at synchrotron beamlines. This license can be obtained by contacting HKL Research, Inc. Additional information about the HKL2000/HKL3000 packages may also be found at that site.

Our agreement to use this software package does not apply to commercial research. To obtain a commercial HKL license, please see


For usage information, please check Crystallographic Software Manuala>.


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