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2017/06   GM/CA @ APS is hosting 10th CCP4 Crystallographic Summer School "From data processing to structure refinement and beyond".
2016/12   Harry Noller wins the 2016 “Breakthrough Prize” in life sciences. Harry is a regular GM/CA @ APS user and many of his studies include data taken at the GM/CA beamlines.
2016/06   Eiger 16m detector was integrated at 23ID-B beamline (photo) and released to users.
2016/05   GM/CA organized the 2016 APS User Meeting Workshop "Advances in In Situ and Serial Biological Crystallography".
2016/05   Science DMZ network for faster data backups was established in collaboration with ESNet and Argonne network experts.
2016/01   GM/CA beamlines were upgraded to distributed 576 TB storage and 56Gbps network.
2015/05   A prototype of quad minibeam collimator with motorized angular alignment was implemented (photo).
2015/04   GM/CA @ APS hosted 5th Membrane Protein Structures (MPS) Meeting.
2015/02   Shutterless rastering was implemented. Clustered-mode Spotfinder was implemented, which can cope with 20Hz data collection (photo).
2015/01   First implementation of automated beamline setup pipeline (photo).
2015/03   Number of PDB entries exceeded 1,500.
2015/01   Cartesian automounter was commissioned at 23ID-B (photo).
2014/02   Pilatus3 6m detector was integrated at 23ID-D beamline (photo) and released to users. First implementation of shutterless data collection.
2013/09   Preparations to Pilatus3-6m began. First implementation of multi-frame processing server for MARmosaic detector.
2013/06   First implementation of Multi-Crystal Strategy in JBluIce (photo).
2012/10   Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz received Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their studies of G-protein-coupled receptors including a GPCR - G-protein signaling complex solved with data from GM/CA @ APS (photo).
2012/06   Number of PDB deposits from the GM/CA beamlines passed the milestone of 1,000.
2012/05   First implementations of JBluIce crystal-auto-find (photo) and raster-to-collect features.
2012/04   Number of publications resulted from experiments at the GM/CA beamlines exceeded 500.
2012/02   First implementation of automatic data analysis on computing cluster with GridEngie and Analysis tab (photo).
2011/08   Second-generation Berkeley AutoMounter (BAM2) was installed at the 23BM beamline and integrated with EPICS and JBluIce.
2011/06   First implementation of data collection strategy (photo).
2011/04   Implementation of remote data transfers from 23ID-D beamline via Globus GridFTP.
2011/03   First experiments with 1 μm focused X-ray beam.
2011/02   First implementations of multiple polygon rastering (photo) and auto-raster (multi-step crystal search).
2010/06   Birth of JBluIce -- transitioning from Tcl/Tk to Java GUI completed.
2010/02   Quad-mini-beam collimators with 5, 10, 20, and 300 μm apertures installed on ID beamlines (2010 R&D 100 award).
2012/10   Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Thomas Steitz and Ada Yonath received Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their studies of the structure and function of the ribosome. Part of these studies included data taken at GM/CA @ APS.
2009/09   First implementation of data collection along vector (photo).
2009/03   First implementation of on-the-fly fluorescence rastering (photo).
2008/09   First implementations of BluIce-EPICS mini-beam Rastering and Screening tabs, both in Java (photo).
2008/05   GM/CA @ APS hosted 1th CCP4 Crystallographic Summer School "From data processing to structure refinement and beyond".
2008/03   First remote users (photo).
2008/02   First implementation of triple mini-beam collimator (photo).
2007/02   First implementation of mini-beam collimator (photo).
2007/01   Full-time user operations were declared at beamline 23ID-B.
2006/12   First user on ID-D Berkeley-style automounter with EPICS controls (photo).
2006/05   Beta-release of BluIce-EPICS with many code improvements, introduction of plugins, and interface to automounter.
2006/01   Full-time user operations were declared at beamline 23ID-D.
2005/07   Alpha-release of BluIce-EPICS software for data acquisition based on widgets from Stanford BluIce.
2005/06   First users collected data with GM/CA goniometry (photo).
2005/04   First data collection tests with GM/CA goniometry.
2005/02   First monochromatic X-rays received from "hard" dual canted undulator on both beamlines simultaneously (see poster in PDF).
2004/08   Bimorph-type focusing mirrors installed and monochromatic beam tests performed. Click here for some highlights of monochromator and mirror tests.
2004/07   First user experiment with GM/CA monochromator and MAR goniometry.
2004/07   First protein diffraction recorded at ID-in beamline (see photos).
2004/06   First monochromatic light delivered to ID-in endstation (photo report is here).
2004/04   First CCD detector received and tested (photo).
2004/04   White beam shutter installed and first light from Inboard undulator delivered to C-enclosure.
2003/10   First beamline components -- white beam slit positioners -- controlled from EPICS. Watch video.
2003/08   First light delivered to FOE (photo).
2003/06   PDR submitted to APS.
2003/05   APS celebrated installation of canted undulators for the GM/CA project (photo).
2003/03   First motor controlled via BluIce-EPICS interface.
2003/02   Hutch construction begun.
2003/02   First motor controlled from EPICS.
2002/12   First VME crate loaded.
2002/11   Blue Ice launched in simulation mode.
2002/10   EPICS-BluIce selected at software discussion meeting.
2002/05   First staff members moved into LOM-436D (photo).
2002/03   Signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with APS.
2001/12   CDR submitted to APS.
2001/10   Work begun with ACCEL GmbH (Germany) on beamline design and construction.
2000/01   Sector proposal submitted to APS.
1999/11   Sector conceptual design developed by Lonny Berman (NSLS).
1999/03   GM/CA project initiated by NIGMS and NCI


GM/CA @ APS is an Office of Science User Facility operated for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory

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