GM/CA @ APS users and Nobel Laureates Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz

  Kobilka Lefkowitz

Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz are the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry for their studies of G-protein-coupled receptors including the structures of GPCRs and a GPCR - G-protein signaling complex solved with data from GM/CA @ APS.


Some highlights from the studies by Brian Kobilka's group

Media reports about the 2012 Chemistry Nobel Price

A slide from Kobilka's Nobel Lecture

"... we finally succeeded in early 2011 and these were the first crystals grown in the specialized lipidic cubic phase. These were relatively large crystals in a fact, but we were fortunate to have access to Argonne National Lab's micro crystallography system and this is the crew coming back from our last synchrotron trip obtaining our final dataset ..."


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