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ATTENTION: as of 07/2023, the development of JBluIce was discontinued in favor of PyBluIce, a Python-based graphical user interface with the look and feel of JBluIce, but a richer set of features. The pyBluIce source snapshots will be published here once the project is ready for releasing to users. Please come back later.

This directory contains weekly source code snapshots of JBluIce-EPICS, an EPICS and Java based data acquisition system for Macromolecular Crystallography conforming the user interface of SSRL BluIce.

It should be emphasized that JBluIce-EPICS is not a plugin to BluIce, but a completely different system with a different architecture and software foundation.

For information on JBluIce-EPICS see:

For EPICS documentation and download please check EPICS home page at the APS:

The home of the original SSRL BluIce is at this location:

JBluIce-EPICS is distributed with Berkeley-style Open Source License:

The software is currently tested to run under Linux, but since all of the components are portable, it should be able to compile under MS Windows, MAC OS X and various UNIXes. Installation instructions for JBluIce-EPICS are still work in progress.

The following components are required to compile and execute JBluIce-EPICS:

  1. EPICS base, synAps, SNL, CAJ, PEZCA.
  2. mySQL server.
  3. Java and several extensions: MySQL Connector/J, JExcelApi, and PDFRenderer.
  4. Eclipse RCP, including Eclipse runtime, SWT, JFace, and Workbench.
  5. Apache commons libraries for HTTP post support: codec, httpclient, and logging packages.
  6. Perl 5 or later and several popular Perl extensions downloadable from Perl CPAN archive: PDL, ImageMagick, DBD-mysql, MIME-Lite, and Perl/Tk.

Besides that JbluIce-EPICS can interface the following packages that extend its functionality:

  1. XREC package for automatic optical crystal centering.
  2. Distl program from LABELIT package for detecting diffraction spots in crystal rastering.
  3. CHOOCH for detection of absorption edges.
  4. Adxv for displaying diffraction images.
  5. Ghostscript and Acroread for converting CHOOCH output from PS to PDF and viewing/printing respectively.
  6. Firefox and Linux commands: ps, hostname, whoami, kill.

In case of any questions please contact the JBluIce-EPICS development team:

- Mark Hilgart,
- Qingping Xu,
- Oleg Makarov,
- Sergey Stepanov.


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